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You may add additional living space to your house if you have an unfinished or finished basement, whether you need an extra bedroom, theater, fitness room, entertainment area, or other flexible space. Whatever your reason for renovating your basement, a completed basement is a great way to add convenience and flexibility to your house while also increasing its resale value. Whatever the project may be, Basement Renovations Barrie will explain the additional features that you can put to your new basement.

While a finished basement is a joy to behold, it is also a large project with many factors to consider. Aside from the necessary basement finishing preparations such as waterproofing, planning, permits, etc., there is also the enjoyable element of determining what features and amenities your basement should have. Here is a closer look at what you can put in your completed basement to make the most of the area and make it more useful:

What should You Think about Including in my Plan?

A Wet Bar: Wet bars are ideal for basements that will be used for entertaining, mainly if you are a sports fan. What elements come to mind when you think of sports spectatorship? That is correct, we are talking about food and beverages. Basement Renovations Barrie explains that a wet bar allows you to serve guests without missing any of the activities, and it’s also a terrific way to attract people in and start conversations. Wet bars are also a trendy addition that can keep guests out of your kitchen by keeping them in the area.

Kitchen: When you add a kitchen to your basement, it becomes an entirely new, versatile room that can be used as a guest or in-law apartment. If you have space, installing a full kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, microwave, full sink, garbage disposal, and even a dishwasher will pay off in the long run.

Lighting: When it comes to finishing your basement, do not forget about lighting. Because basements rarely get a lot of natural light, it is vital to design a lighting plan like you would for any other room in the house. However, you will very certainly require more. For all-over illumination, recessed or slim disc lighting is preferred. Basement Finishing Barrie advises that around food prep areas, undercabinet lighting works effectively. Above tables or spaces that require a focused spotlight, pendant lights can be strung. Dimmable lighting should be used in the vicinity of the television. Keep in mind that you want your basement to seem warm and inviting, not gloomy and depressing. It’s crucial to have the correct illumination.

Bedroom’s Egress Window: Your basement redesign should be elegant, functional, and practical when it is finished. Yet, you must ensure that it is secure. If your basement includes a bedroom, make sure you have an egress window in addition to checking radon levels and comprising a smoke detector in the finished space. In Ontario, providing the availability of an escape window or door for basement bedrooms is a state requirement. Egress windows effectively provide an additional exit point to the basement and the main access point, which might be life-saving in an emergency.

Bathroom: A complete bathroom with a shower is ideal in a basement, but even a half bath can work. Bathrooms are helpful, especially if you plan to use your basement as a living space for entertaining. Bathrooms also increase the market value of your home,  Basement Renovations Barrie explains.

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